Thursday, November 5, 2009

Read about Hardwick Vermont's efforts in the New York Times article written by Marian Burros :Uniting Around Food to Save an Ailing Town

Fall 2009: The Natural Farmer "It's Happening in Hardwick" by Beth Champagne is a thoughtful, thorough article on Hardwick and its surrounding communities. Below is an excerpt:

"More and more partners are getting involved with the Center and its mission-to ensure that farmers can earn a living, to ensure access to abundant healthful food for all members of the community, and above all to take care of the soil so that the land can support all the people living here. A recognition that a success for one is a success for all-plus a readiness to share energy and ideas, equipment, even employees and captial-are at the heart of the Center's practice. Energy ebbs and flows in the problem-solving, replicating the reciprocity and interdependence occuring in the natural systems, whether on a microbial or an ecosystem level."

Read about how Barre Vermont started a non-profit commons called LACE for "Local Agricultural Community Exchange" The center is downtown and it includes a community kitchen.