Friday, July 26, 2013

Calling all Volunteers! Work Day at the Freight Shed this Sunday, July 28th.

This Sunday, July 28th, we could use some help clearing out the south end from Noon to 3pm.

Higmos will be delivering the lumber for the new floor in the south end on Monday and will be installed during next week. So, we need to be ready and could really do with some helping hands!

Tasks include:

Move picnic tables outside, carpet rolls in the gallery, folding chairs in the gallery
If possible it would be great if we could...
Paint kitchen and ticket booth room ceilings, complete the interior wood walls fix the south end door, finish railing
Please let us know if you can make it! (or if there is another time that is better for you)


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sandra Garson offers her cookbook in support of the Freight Shed: winter home of the Bath Farmers Market!

Sandra Garson, a journalist, farmers market advocate who is passionate about food and Maine will be on hand and offering the Second Edition of her popular cookbook How to Fix a Leek & Other Food from Your Farmers' Market for $20 as a fundraiser for the Freight Shed. 

During the Full Moon Dinner on July 22nd,  Sandra will be available to sign and personalize the copies and will slip in a copy of a knock out new birthday cake recipe. We will also take orders for the cookbook through the month of July. A copy of it will be on view at the Freight Shed along with a sign up list.

Garson’s food essays have been published in Downeast Magazine, Yankee, Radcliffe Culinary Times, the New Fillmore, and Tricycle, the Buddhist quarterly. Garson is an adviser to the Himalayan Pantry in New York, former owner of Tastewrights Catering in Brunswick and sold baked goods at the Brunswick Farmers' Market during the 1985 season.

In How to Fix a Leek, Sandra Garson answers the most common questions posed to Maine farmers at their markets: What is this? How long will you have it? Can I store it? What will I do with it? This easy-to-read, comprehensive guide includes uses for the marvels the farmers produce and carefully chosen, quick step-by-step recipes-taking full advantage of local flavor-so your meals are as memorable as Maine.