Friday, November 15, 2013

Welcome Back Bath Farmers Market!

Already into our 3rd market of the season and we are delighted with the response from the vendors and the community. All the efforts from the summer are really making a difference. The space is brighter, more festive and the Kennebec views more abundant. The space is warmer with less air infiltration and the floor is much more level. A central space was created so the music can be enjoyed by all. The prep "kitchen" with new ceilings and a fresh coat of paint is a cheerful place for the vendors and volunteers to find a cup of coffee. Last but not least, the sunny community room is now a welcoming home base for EBT and Market Tokens, exhibits about the Freight Shed and for community groups: first up is the Bath Forestry Committee's Annual Photography Exhibit November 16th!

We thank all the volunteers and supporters for making this happen!