Friday, March 29, 2013

This Week at the Bath Freight Shed: Georgetown Central School 4th Grade - April 6, 2013

Earth Month in the Community Room:

April 6th: Georgetown Central School 4th Grade composting project

April 13th: Creative examples of re-use exhibit and hands on activities. Pictured is a chair being re-used from a (legally obtained!) discarded Wrong Way sign!

April 27th: KELT's community blitz day to stencil storm drains in downtown Bath. Learn more about this upcoming event at "No Dumping! Drains to River!"

April 27th: Last day of the Winter Market tribute to our local farmers and food producers - in photographs and paintings of our Bath Farmers Market farms 

Coming up later this Spring:

Useful Resources to Green your Lifestyle

Did you know that you can do away with the commercial household cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals with everyday products you you may already have in your kitchen? You knew folks did this but didn't know which product to use for carpet stains? Laundry detergent? Well there's a website you can access through the National Resources Council of Maine, titled "Toxic-free Maine" with a handy-dandy brochure available to help guide you through as you green up your life!

Here's a brief PSA from the WCLZ Green Team Minute on the subject


Some of us do it, some don't, but many of us want to but either don't have the space in our yards or the time. Well there's a new service called Garbage to Garden that simplifies it all for you.
Here's a snippet describing Garbage to Garden but please visit their website to learn more.
Stop contributing to landfills and start composting, with Garbage to Garden, where your kitchen scraps are recycled -- your participation helps us to support schools, gardens, and the environment. 
  • Recycle your food scraps on garbage day
  • Compost all food waste, including meat, dairy, and bones
  • Receive a clean bucket each week
  • Request deliveries of matured compost at no extra charge
  • $11 monthly, and FREE if you can volunteer!

When you compost with Garbage to Garden, you are helping to keep organic waste -- the primary component of trash -- out of landfills and incinerators. You are also reducing atmospheric pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

The waste you recycle with Garbage to Garden is used to renew our soils, and to generate green electricity through anaerobic digestion technology, with no harmful byproducts.
Currently, Garbage to Garden does not provide service to the Bath area but there is a system for petitioning the group to add our city to their routes. Please sign this petition to we can have Garbage to Garden in Bath!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Bath Matters – March 21, 2013 | Main Street Bath, Maine - The City of Ships

In this week's Bath Matters -- Main Street BathJoan Detel updates us on what's available at this Saturday's Market Morning

Hopefully the last snow of winter is melting as you head for the first Farmers Market of spring. Here at the Freight Shed, on Commercial St behind the Customs House, in Bath, we welcome you Saturdays from 9 to 12.And, despite the snow and cold weather, things are GREENING UP a little more each week.
Goranson Farm is bringing in pea and sunflower shoots, as well as braising and salad greens; Jan even had a glass of fresh mint last weekend! At Sparrow Farm, the bright red radishes and their leaves sing spring, surrounded by fresh lettuce, celery, Swiss chard and herbs.
At Small Wonder Organics look for mixed salad greens and perfect spinach. Squire Tarbox is bringing in greens as well. Micromainea is offering broccoli, curly cress, cilantro garnet mustard, purple kohlrabi and purple radish sprouts to zing up you salads or sprinkle on mashed or souped up winter vegetables. Judy was pleased to share that she has added Tao in Brunswick and Solo Bistro in Bath to her list of customers- which already includes Bresca in Portland.
The Turkey Farm continues to being in delicious KORV sausages made with turkey and potatoes and flavored with caraway and garlic; you really should try their turkey chili, which is thick and meaty and makes a great lunch on the run. Try some of the flavorful chicken parts from Maine-ly Poultry spiced up with great garlic from Squire Tarbox.
Our cheese makers are working out. Balfour Farm is offering brined feta, nice happy chunks for salad, as well as their new Guilford Garlic. Hahn’s End has a nice batch of their luxurious Blue Velvet, , and some noble Hill Reserve that is just right to eat. Caitlin at Appleton Creamery is starting to use up all that milk from kidding season-lots of fresh chevre, and perfect manchego.
Cookies are blooming as well. Try ginger molasses or shortbreads from Beryl's Pastries, or chocolate chip and oatmeal from Chase Farm Bakery. Make your tummy happy.
This week, our music is brought to you by April Reed Cox. Check out the boatbuilding on the river side -- Maine's First Ship folks are happy to share info.

FMI call 207-649 7611 or email

Congratulations to the Bath Farmers Market!

"Community Spirit"
Winners 2013!!

St. Patrick's Day Parade
Bath Blarney Days 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

News from the Bath Freight Shed: Coming up in April

Dear Freight Shed Alliance Friends, 

As we wrap up our first winter season of the Bath Farmers Market I wanted to call your attention to April's market mornings and would like to encourage everyone to help get the word out and be involved. These mornings are such a great time to strike up the conversations that get people to become part of the BFSA. 

On March 15th, Andrew Deci gave a tour of the Freight Shed to a group from the Maine Downtown Institute Conference - it was safe to say that they left energized to tackle what may seem like impossibly challenging projects in their own down towns based on what they saw. It is daunting at times but with this team that is growing it is very encouraging!

Mark your Calendars!

Our next meeting BFSA will be on April 10th at noon in the Freight Shed. It's an important meeting as we look toward summer projects and events at the Freight Shed.

For the time being our Hands On Fridays have been put on hold as we regroup. With warmer weather promised we look forward to organizing a variety of work groups to suit different schedules.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

This Week at the Bath Freight Shed: Bath Regional Career & Technical Center and Bowdoin College Student Work - Saturday, March 16th, 2013

In our south end Community Room this Saturday, we'll feature an exhibit showcasing the work of students from Bowdoin College and the Bath Regional Career & Technical Center (BRCTC) Electrical Technology, Engineering Graphics and Architectural Design programs.

As many of may remember, the students provided us with the new electrical and lighting systems -- one of our core restoration projects completed in 2012! Their hard work has transformed the Freight Shed into a viable year-round space, allowing us to welcome the Bath Farmers Market to their new warm and welcoming winter location on market Saturdays and during the week, serve as additional space for the ongoing work of Maine's First Ship reconstruction of the Virginia. We'll never get tired of saying "Thank you to all the BRCTC students!"

You can read more about the Bowdoin and BRCTC students work at the Freight Shed in these blog posts:
Power to the Freight Shed (Nov. 26 2011) 
Electrical Technology Class Returns (Sept. 12, 2012)
Students Present Architectural Designs for Bath Waterfront
Students explore issues of community in architectural designs

Saturday, March 9, 2013

News from the Bath Farmers Market - March 2013

There's lots happening at the Bath Farmers Market at the Bath Freight Shed today so COME ON DOWN! Saturday market morning hours are 9 - 12 PM. 

And be sure to subscribe to the Bath Farmers Market March Newsletter to keep up with all the activity.

Here's what you can expect to find available at the market:

beets carrots chard
cranberries garlic herbs
kale micro-greens
mixed greens mushrooms
onions parsnips
radish rutabagas
scallions shallots spinach turnips
winter squash

butter feta
cheese and yogurt from cows, sheep & goats
cream milk ricotta
beef chicken pork
duck lamb turkey goat
bacon ham

sausage-goat chicken pork
tourtiere turkeyaki
dry turkey and goat sausage
andouille chorizo salami


biscuits bread cookies
croissants donuts focaccia
galettes granola
gluten free items
muffins pies pastries
whoopie pies
rolls sweet breads

And so much more!
body cream beeswax candles
blankets buttons
caramel sauce coffee cranberry ketchup
dog treats and bones
dried cranberries dried herbs
felted cell and laptop cases hats
jams and jellies jewelry
maple syrup
mead and mead cups

Thursday, March 7, 2013

This Week at the Bath Freight Shed: Gold Star Honeybees with The Bee Lady, Christy Hemenway. Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Are you as tired of this dreary weather as we are? Have you found yourself gazing at what was once a flower bed and might become one again... if ever Spring were to put its foot down and kick Winter to the curb? 

Yeah, us too. So, let's shake out that welcome mat and invite spring to join us!  

Helping us shake it out this week is our very own local Bee Lady, Christy Hemenway of Gold Star Honeybees. If ever there was something to get us excited about the upcoming growing season, it's knowing that our dear bees will be back on the job, doing what our food chain needs! Thank you bees!

During this Saturdays market morning, Christy will be our guest in the south end Community Room, chatting to all about bees, pollination and more importantly, how to provide a perfect abode for our humming visitors -- her Top Bar Hives! 

Not only does The Bee Lady have a product line but she's written a book, The Thinking Beekeeper - A Guide to Natural Beekeeping in Top Bar Hives. And that's not all! She also offers instructional classes and speaks at events.

One could say, she's as busy as a bee (yes, please groan) and that Gold Star Honeybees is a hive of activity (sorry, can't help myself..)

Don't bee-lieve me? Learn more about Christy's work over on her web site: and then, why not jump over to Like her Facebook Page and see what else she's up to! 

See you Saturday Freight Shed Fans! 

Friday, March 1, 2013

This Week at the Bath Freight Shed: 4-H Club from the Morris Farm. Saturday, March 2nd.

While you're stocking up on your favorite local goods at the Freight Shed this Saturday, stroll down to the Community Room on the south end. Our community guests this week are the 4-H Club from Morris Farm and Kim Andersson, the Morris Farm Administrator. They 4-Hers will be sharing with us information and news of their latest projects.

The Morris Farm Trust promotes the values of sustainable agriculture and stewardship of the earth through education, demonstration and community involvement.
Clover Buds (Youth 5-8 Years Old)
Clover Bud is a term used to identify 4-H members who are 5 through 8 years old. Any Maine youth between the 4-H ages of 5 and 8 years old may join the 4-H program.
Participation, safety, personal development, learning, and fun in a cooperative, non-competitive setting are the priorities of the Clover Bud program.
Clover Buds experience programs that are developmentally appropriate, activity-oriented, involve cooperative learning, and are focused on learning activity skills and life skills through a wide variety of topic areas.
Participation in activities is available at the club, county, and state level.

4-Hers (Youth 9-18Years Old)
4-H offers many hands-on learning opportunities that can produce a positive impact in your community. 4-Hers may participate in projects ranging from photography to robotics to animal science.
Youth and adults work together to create a safe educational environment that promotes learning life skills. 4-H activities are available at the club, county, state, and national level.

4-H involves 
·        nearly 30,000 Maine youth
·        some 6 million young people nationwide
·        thousands of Maine volunteers
·        hundreds of schools