Friday, March 29, 2013

This Week at the Bath Freight Shed: Georgetown Central School 4th Grade - April 6, 2013

Earth Month in the Community Room:

April 6th: Georgetown Central School 4th Grade composting project

April 13th: Creative examples of re-use exhibit and hands on activities. Pictured is a chair being re-used from a (legally obtained!) discarded Wrong Way sign!

April 27th: KELT's community blitz day to stencil storm drains in downtown Bath. Learn more about this upcoming event at "No Dumping! Drains to River!"

April 27th: Last day of the Winter Market tribute to our local farmers and food producers - in photographs and paintings of our Bath Farmers Market farms 

Coming up later this Spring:

Useful Resources to Green your Lifestyle

Did you know that you can do away with the commercial household cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals with everyday products you you may already have in your kitchen? You knew folks did this but didn't know which product to use for carpet stains? Laundry detergent? Well there's a website you can access through the National Resources Council of Maine, titled "Toxic-free Maine" with a handy-dandy brochure available to help guide you through as you green up your life!

Here's a brief PSA from the WCLZ Green Team Minute on the subject


Some of us do it, some don't, but many of us want to but either don't have the space in our yards or the time. Well there's a new service called Garbage to Garden that simplifies it all for you.
Here's a snippet describing Garbage to Garden but please visit their website to learn more.
Stop contributing to landfills and start composting, with Garbage to Garden, where your kitchen scraps are recycled -- your participation helps us to support schools, gardens, and the environment. 
  • Recycle your food scraps on garbage day
  • Compost all food waste, including meat, dairy, and bones
  • Receive a clean bucket each week
  • Request deliveries of matured compost at no extra charge
  • $11 monthly, and FREE if you can volunteer!

When you compost with Garbage to Garden, you are helping to keep organic waste -- the primary component of trash -- out of landfills and incinerators. You are also reducing atmospheric pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

The waste you recycle with Garbage to Garden is used to renew our soils, and to generate green electricity through anaerobic digestion technology, with no harmful byproducts.
Currently, Garbage to Garden does not provide service to the Bath area but there is a system for petitioning the group to add our city to their routes. Please sign this petition to we can have Garbage to Garden in Bath!

Market Mornings Music

Schedule for April
April 6th: Bob and Helen Webb

April 13th: Steamboat Gypsy

April 20th: Red Beans and Rice

April 27th: Twisted Strings

From Main Street Bath, this weeks Bath Matters:

Our Market is open this Saturday from 9 to 12.
We have cheese lamb, chickens, turkey, pork, goat, duck and beef.
There are more greens every week. Check out Small Wonder, Goranson Farm, Squire Tarbox and Sparrow Farm. Swiss chard, spinach, lettuce, mixed baby greens for braising or salad, celery, even red radishes-and you can eat those greens too. And the micro greens at Micromainea are flourishing, with a new selection every week....

Visit the Main Street Bath website to continue reading!

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