Sunday, March 18, 2012


Last week in Bath The Maine Development Foundation's Downtown Institute held a conference on Green Design and Historic Preservation. Many compelling environmental arguments were made for saving the Freight Shed and creating a place for local farmers and food producers to connect with more people in the heart of our downtown is just one way this project is responding to community needs.

Please join the 126 people who have already backed this effort by going to: KICKSTARTER to pledge! 13 days left to go to raise $9,515 ($8,485 pledged to date)

Public meeting at Bath City Hall Thurs. March 22nd at Noon.

Reuse Matters. Building reuse typically offers greater environmental savings than demolition and new construction. It can take between 10 to 80 years for a new energy efficient building to overcome, through efficient operations, the climate change impacts created by its construction. The study finds that the majority of building types in different climates will take between 20-30 years to compensate for the initial carbon impacts from construction.

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