Wednesday, May 29, 2013

AmeriCorps NCCC Team Buffalo 1 -- Thank YOU!

A huge THANK YOU to the amazing AmeriCorps NCCC Team Buffalo 1

This group of young people (ages 18-24 ) arrived at the Freight Shed early Saturday in the pouring rain and after an introduction to the history of the place and what's happening here, they dug in! 

Painting, cleaning, organizing, cleaning the Virginia model, building shelving, and moving a huge block of white oak, fresh from Higmo's Sawmill. Maine's First Ship and the Bath Freight Shed Alliance could not be more thrilled.

This AmeriCorps team comes from all over the country: Washington, Colorado, Maryland, Texas and more and has formed a really cohesive group. It was great to see how they support each other and are super problem solvers. They seemed truly interested in this place and what we are doing. The cold temperatures and grey skies could not dampen their spirits!

We hope to welcome AmeriCorps back again and if we are really lucky we will have a longer term AmeriCorps member here at the Freight Shed it the future! 

With some fuel, in the form of warm sticky buns Aaron Park baked, this group was a whirlwind!

AmeriCorps NCCC Team Buffalo 1

Jake Clark
Emma Graves
Joshua Hernandez (Team Leader)
Justin Lieby
Meagan Julian
Jimmie Perkins
Kayla Hanson
Sierra Taylor
James Owen Wolfe IV
Alexander Slater
Alex McDonald

NCCC Team Buffalo 1 -- Thank you!!

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