Friday, January 8, 2016

Meet the folks of the Winter Farmers Market!

Tracy & Tom Peniman
Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood.

Carrie & Eben Whitcomb 
Springdale Farm

Kim Scheimreif
Shepherds and Such
Beryl Sidelinger
Beryls Pastries
"Try the shiitake" suggests Julianne
 at Oyster Creek Mushroom Co.,
Candace Heydon owner.
Larry Donahue
Pleasant Pond Orchard


Nanne Kennedy (and dogs)
Meadowcroft and Seacolors Yarnery

At Appleton Creamery, Jillian, star apprentice, 
offers cheesy goodness. Caitlin Hunter, owner.

Claudia & Dan Sortwell
Big Barn Coffee

Carol amid the varied bounty at Borealis Breads.
Robin Chase
Chase Farm Bakery
Jon Merry
Dragonfly Cove Farm

Cara Crib
Galley Goodies

Julia and Jackie at Goranson Farm, with
Jan and Robin, Carl and Goran, and various crew.

Mark Saxl
Gracie's Garden
Debbie and Drew Hahn
Hahns End Cheese
Derek DeGeer
Hootenanny Bread
is here at Dragonfly Cove.

Tammy Kelley
Kelley Brothers Beef
Kristina at Maine Saltwater Creations,
Filly-Laura Fillinge, owner

Judy Hughes from MicroMainea with  
Pauline from Pine Tree Poultry
John and Sheila Barnstein
 Maine-ly Poultry
Amy Warner
Old Narrow Gauge Farm

Brian at Sparrow Farm
Ted and Karen Sparrow, owners.
Kyle DePietro
Tarbox Farm

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